PauBox Year 1

My freshman year was everything I could have asked for, and then some. I matured academically. Harvard emphasized the importance of being disciplined and encouraged me to build solid study habits. I matured socially. Meeting classmates with vastly different backgrounds from all over the world exposed me to new perspectives and expanded my social understanding. I even matured physically. The “freshman fifteen” applied to me. But thankfully, it wasn’t all fat, since I spent most of my free time in the gym.

This year, I took economics, environmental and engineering courses. I also joined my college’s clean energy group and financial analysts club. I realized the combined power of innovation and capital in addressing the ongoing climate crisis and creating a more sustainable future. It is my dream to found a clean energy venture capital firm in Hawai’i – I plan to pursue a degree in economics and environmental science to provide me with a solid foundation upon which to make informed decisions and achieve this goal.

Thank you Hoala and the Paubox ‘ohana for investing in my education! I am so grateful for my experiences this past year and am excited for what’s to come!